Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry no updates of late, but I'm busy carrying for 5 newborns...check out our other blog for an explanation. That plus Larry's gone for a 15 day surf trip = no free time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at the Dunes

We skipped town for what little time we could afford and spent Easter with friends at the desert. It was a quick, but needed getaway. The kids found their Easter baskets (not too hard in a 26' camper) before getting all dressed in their Easter best and heading off to church. The days festivities also included an egg hunt with the Kuhn kids and a scaled back camping version of Easter dinner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Jed got to take the snack to preschool today. We couldn't take just any old snack, so we made sushi. I'm posting this per a friend's request - a friend who I miss and don't see enough of lately! I did find the perfect fruit rolls to imitate seaweed...there were a couple little friends who couldn't accept that it wasn't real.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddies

We're coming down from our crazy birthday weekend hangovers. When your family has two birthdays on one day (and that day happens to fall on a Sunday), it means you celebrate for three days. Larry and I were lucky enough to go out on Friday night while Larry's parent provided us with free babysitting. We hit Disneyland (bummer, no pictures!) and ate ourselves sick thanks to the Kuhn's!

Saturday was Jed's day...he picked Chuck E. Cheese. Yipee...but at least he had a great time.

Sunday we had a Cafe Rio feast, ate ourselves sick again, played RockBand 2 with the Harpers and had the usual two cakes.

Happy Birthday to my big 4-yr-old and my forever 29-yr-old! I love you!

Crazy Hair Day

Monday, February 23, 2009

Laughter and Sunday Dishes

I have two totally different things to talk about. Hence, the title.

I'll start out with three facts:
1) I'm very particular about visual aesthetics, layouts, fonts, colors, etc. I don't know why, I just am. There is one font I think is extremely overused and I can't stand.
2) I don't like to be serious. I know sometimes I have to be, but I just can't take it for very long. If someone doesn't make a joke sooner or later, I'll have to.
3) I'm really good at keeping my kitchen clean and hate dirty dishes in the sink.

So, Larry wrote me a very heartfelt and sweet letter for Valentine's Day. He paired it with some pink Oakley's, of course. The letter was perfect, it was what I needed to hear. He told me about all the things he loves about me, he got me all involved and even choked up. Then I read the last sentence, "I love that you hate this is written in comic sans." Moment over. But that's why I love him, even when he tries to be cheesy and serious, laughter usually's the best.

Yesterday was one of those Sundays. The one's where I come home from church and feel completely exhausted and have a headache to boot. I did make dinner when I got home, but I didn't do the dishes. I typically don't on Sundays. I just don't have it in me and it's supposed to be the day of rest, right? Funny thing is, Sunday is generally the day we'll get "stop-by's"...Home Teachers, friends, family, etc. So, if you've ever stopped by on a Sunday, my kitchen usually looks much better. Don't judge me. I regret my laziness every Monday morning, but quickly get over it before next Sunday. My friend that was along for the ride with me yesterday said, "Mormons should have an eighth day." I totally agree.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 for 1

So, I only had one shot at this...I only have one daughter. I love dance! I danced growing up and wish I could have danced more. If Maddie could have had one talent, I would have picked dancing...I got my wish. Well, she does have more talents than dancing, but she really loves to dance. Hooray for me!

Maddie's First Competition